Self-test: How T-shaped are you?

connected with my inaugural lecture The T-shaped Lawyer and Beyond, delivered at Utrecht University on 19 June 2017
booklet available from Eleven International Publishing

What qualifications should legal professionals have in order to contribute meaningfully to the challenges of contemporary societies? In my inaugural lecture, I demonstrate how organisational demands for public management reform and a societal demand for digitalisation and globalisation have prompted an emphasis on technological awareness, interdisciplinary skills, and social responsiveness of legal professionals.

Curious to know to what extent you live up to this image of (legal) professionalism? This 'lightweight' test aims to give a rough insight into your ability to recognise different academic (sub-)disciplines. The test is composed of six sets of two images, with each image depicting an academic discipline or sub-discipline. Following the presentation of each set, you will be asked to answer a multiple-choice question: which out of a list of three disciplines was not included in this set of two images? After this, the missing image is presented. In order to see how this works, the test commences with a try-out question concerning a different topic: American newspaper comic strips.

Based on the number of correct answers to the test questions, you will receive an indication of what this result tells about your T-shaped competences.

Thanks to my fellow members of Utrecht Young Academy for providing input for the design of this test.