Academic collaborations

Nov 2018-, Chair of the board of the Netherlands Association for Philosophy of Law (VWR) (general board member since June 2012)

March 2017-, member of Utrecht Young Academy, Utrecht University

June 2016-, member of the Curatorium of the Research centre for State and Law (SteR), Radboud University Nijmegen

Feb 2013-Oct 2017, Member of the editorial board of Netherlands Journal for Legal Philosophy (NJLP)

Aug 2012-, Fellow of the European Law Institute (ELI)

2011-, Invited reviewer of articles for Law & Social Inquiry, Law and Method, Erasmus Law Review, European Journal of Comparative Law and Governance, South African Journal on Human Rights, Transnational Legal Theory and books for Cambridge University Press, Hart Publishing and Intersentia Publishing

Sept 2009-, Member of the European Group of Public Law

Nov 2008-Dec 2011, Member of the Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law (HiiL) Highest Courts Research Group (project leaders prof. John Bell, prof. Ton Hol and prof. Andrea Lollini)


Professional collaborations

Dec 2015-Sept 2016, Member of the Commissie Rechtseenheid Bestuursrecht, established by the Dutch Council of Ministers to give advice on the guarantee of the uniform application of law in connection with the intended reform of the highest level of the administrative justice system (chair: Prof. Michiel Scheltema), report available here

2012-2013, Member of the committee on professional ethics of the Dutch Association of Judges and Prosecutors (NVvR) in connection with the implementation of the Judges’ Code

Dec 2009-May 2016, Member of the Advisory Group of the Stichting Juridische Samenwerking aan de Maas, a cooperation between the Erasmus School of Law, the District Court of Rotterdam and the Public Prosecutor’s Service in Rotterdam

2008-, Invited lectures for legal professionals, including the Dutch Ministry of Justice, the Dutch Council for the Judiciary, the European Network of Councils for the Judiciary, the Dutch Association of Judges and Prosecutors, judicial audiences in the Netherlands and abroad (France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Ukraine)